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Arvut: two people on a boat, when one of them suddenly begins to drill a hole in the boat. His friend asked: “why are you drilling?” and he replied: “what business is it of yours, I’m drilling under me, not under you,” so the first man told him: “Fool, we shall both drown together!”

Baal HaSulam


Indeed, if we set our hearts to answer but one very famous question, I am certain that all these questions and doubts will vanish from the horizon, and you will look unto their place to find them gone. This indignant question is a question that the whole world asks, namely, “What is the meaning of my life?”

Rav Yehuda Ashlag F/Intro. to Talmud Esser Sefirot

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The Connection Between The Teacher And The Student

By JohnC | November 4, 2013

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Question: In what way should the connection with you be expressed by those behind the screen?

Answer: Your connection with me should be expressed in that you write me specific, serious questions about the lessons, not made-up, but thoughtful. I will be answering them in writing or verbally.

Indeed, communication occurs when we do something together. A portion of knowledge that you get from me every day is not considered connection. Connection is when we make, create, something new together. If I teach the wisdom of Kabbalah [1] or integral education and upbringing [2] and you study this, then there is a connection between us.

Connection is possible only when you are similar to me. We know that unification between the two objects happens only to the extent of the similarity of their properties. And what similarity can be between us if I am ateacher [3] and you are a student? What similarity can be between the created being and the Creator [4] if the Creator only gives and the created being only receives? What can you give in return? Unity with me. And what can it be? If you act the same way I do. Only that! And how else can you act? To teach me as I teach you? No, teach others as I teach you.

Therefore, there can be no more effective state than that of dissemination [5]; otherwise, you do not process material. In the spiritual world, the one who does not pass information through himself closes himself and does not perceive anything. You cannot imagine what a tiny dead fraction of what I give you, you perceive, precisely because you do not pass this along further in any form.

Those people who are engaged in translation or processing the lessons are the happiest people because what they hear or process eventually reaches someone. And those who do not do this have no other way out of themselves; they are a dead end.
From a Talk About the Dissemination 10/17/13

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