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Arvut: two people on a boat, when one of them suddenly begins to drill a hole in the boat. His friend asked: “why are you drilling?” and he replied: “what business is it of yours, I’m drilling under me, not under you,” so the first man told him: “Fool, we shall both drown together!”

Baal HaSulam


Indeed, if we set our hearts to answer but one very famous question, I am certain that all these questions and doubts will vanish from the horizon, and you will look unto their place to find them gone. This indignant question is a question that the whole world asks, namely, “What is the meaning of my life?”

Rav Yehuda Ashlag F/Intro. to Talmud Esser Sefirot

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The Power Of The Desire To Reach Adhesion With The Creator Is Called A Friend.

By JohnC | May 20, 2010

The adhesion with the friends means that you become inter-connected with all the desires that are directed towards adhesion with the Creator. “Friend” is not someone who simply sits next to me: brunet, or redhead, with one personality or another. A friend is the power that exists in the other, the yearning, the power of the desire to reach adhesion with the Creator. This is called a friend.

Who is the “I”? From all that exists inside of you, you uncover only one thing: your desire for the Creator. This is called the “I”- the point in the heart. If so, who is the friend? Your friend is his point in the heart. His desire for adhesion with the Creator through the group, and your desire for adhesion with the Creator through the group, – these are precisely the desires that need to be connected. If we join them together, this will be the Kli in which the light will be revealed. This is how each friend needs to be considered, and to these points we need to connect. If you look at their points, you don’t care how they look or about their personality. Rather, you see these things as helpful obstacles that you need to get through and penetrate in order to reach the point in the heart in him. The things that disgust you in another person are given so that you will clarify the purity of your desire to connect to him.

This is why each one needs to see the personality and the negative qualities of his friend as problems that exist in himself, problems that it is his duty to overcome in order to reach the point in the heart of the friend. This is how it appears to you, and who is he himself, you don’t know. This is how you see him.

Question: So how is it possible to overcome this, what needs to be done?
We can overcome this only through the realization of the importance of the goal and the Creator, Whom we cannot reach without connecting with a friend. Then the friend becomes important as a means, and later, I see that he is important as the goal as well.

Michael Laitman
(Daily Article, March 14, 2005)

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